Joseph Ewest - Abstract Painter

Joseph Ewest - Artist Statement

I find joy every day in simple things…an interesting pattern of power lines against the sky, a random grouping of trees, or strange shadows across my path. At the same time, I feel an intense contrast in the complexity of human interaction that coexists and generates friction, collision and also an odd sense of equilibrium. It is the constant push and pull, the frenetic layering of every day that energizes, confuses, overwhelms and inspires me to paint. I often find inspiration from imagery of the outdoors and photos I am constantly taking. My work is about abstraction and process as I move through places or experiences, expressing feelings that I often can’t identify or explain.

Most recent work can be found on my Instagram site: joeewest1

I grew up through a pretty tough childhood on the gulf coast in Alabama but have been in Minnesota for more than half of my life. Having a conservative, deep-south origin, intertwined with a Midwestern sensibility is key to my core as a person and artist. In my life and work, I have come to recognize a theme of coexistence, conflict, acceptance, and an appreciation for all that the world presents to us. I am fascinated and sometimes overwhelmed, by the multitude of layers in all places and things as elements of this coexistence.

Earning a BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I majored in design but used up all of my electives in painting…my true passion. Before graduating, I married my best friend and we had our first of two wonderful daughters. With a new family to support, I decided it best to follow the professional design path and a regular paycheck. I have learned more about the business side of design than I ever imagined.

Now, from a perspective of many life-enriching experiences, I have found a balance that affords me space to pursue my art. I always knew that I would return to a rhythm in life that included painting and I have a much deeper vocabulary of expression to spill out onto the canvas. I am ever seeking, asking, and trying to reach something or portray feelings and ideas that I don’t fully understand. Painting regularly now in the studio provides me the opportunity toward unfiltered creative expression of my unique point of view.

—J. Ewest

Instagram: @joeewest1 | | Northrup King Building, Studio #367 1500 Jackson Street NE | Minneapolis | 612-298-7331 |